Food Mountain develops and supports innovative partnerships for future-proof food systems

Building new food systems successfully!

Our food systems will need to become more sustainable, more inclusive and healthier. This requires innovative partnerships between parties that can contribute to this each in their own way.

Sharpen your ambition

Make up a team of partners


Navigating ecosystems

We support companies in finding effective partnerships in the most suitable ecosystems and formulating an ecosystem strategy that guarantees optimal results for the company.

We contribute as advisor and matchmaker.

Strengthening ecosystem organisations

In many cases, support organisations are set up to maximise the potential of ecosystems. We support initiators of special ecosystem organisations from the idea to successful implementation.

We contribute as an adviser, inspirer, pioneer or coach.

From idea to realisation

Collaborating with other parties is inspiring but at the same time in most cases quite complicated. In fact, this applies to the entire process from ideation to implementation. We are happy to help you get the finishing line of your idea.

We contribute as an inspirer, advisor, matchmaker, or pioneer.

Inspiring, thinking along, rethinking, keeping an overview

The experience within Food Mountain is also used in supervisory roles of innovative initiatives at home and abroad that contribute to renewing our food system.

We contribute as an active supervisor.


The founder: Roger van Hoesel

Curiosity about different worlds and connecting them is a common thread in Roger’s professional life.